More than just a Bartending Company
About Us
With detailed planning, unparalleled personal service, exquisite drinks, and precise implementation we set the standard for a memorable occasion.

Corn and rye are two basic ingredients used to make a number of your favorite alcoholic beverages. These crops have also played a vital role in our country’s growth: feeding hungry mouths, sustaining livestock, and even fueling our cars. We draw inspiration from the simplicity and versatility that these humble crops offer, and use those qualities to shape our business model.

The hand-selected bar packages we offer take the guesswork out of spirit selection to keep things simple for you. Friendly, professional waitstaff will serve attendees with a smile at the main event. In the end, our cocktail craftsmanship services will leave quite an impression on your guests.



1) What all is included with my bar set up?

All of our bar packages will include the bar set up, bartenders, disposable cups, ice, mixers, lemons and limes.

2) Can I have a specialty brand not listed on your menu at my bar?

Absolutely. We are happy to source specialty brands that you would like to include at your bar. These products will typically be available in limited cases. Please reach out to us for pricing!

3) Can I bring in my own alcohol to be served at my bar?

Due to TABC regulations, you may not bring in or consume any alcoholic beverages that do not come through Corn & Rye. Additionally, no one other than Corn & Rye bartenders and staff may serve guests any alcoholic beverages.

4) What happens if you run out of a particular item at my bar?

We provide more than enough of each product for our services, we guarantee all products will be available for the duration of your bar service with the exception of limited specialty brands.

5) Can I have a specialty drink at my bar?

Of course! Pricing for specialty drinks will depend on the ingredients needed. If ingredients needed are already included in our bar packages, there will be no additional costs. Please reach out to us for a list of drinks included or if you would like pricing for your own specialty drink!

6) When is my final payment due?

We ask that you provide us with your final guest count two weeks prior to your event date. Final payment is due 7 business days prior to the event in the form of cash, card or a cashier’s check. The price listed already includes a 4% cash/cashier’s check discount, if you prefer to pay with debit/credit card there will be a 4% increase to the final balance.

We look forward to offering exceptional service along with delicious drinks for your special event! For more information and to receive a full quote, please reach out to us!